VFD coolant system benefits


  1. Enhancement of efficiency at least 50% including
    • Electricity
    • Tool
    • Labor
    • Room space
  2. Prolong the usage life of tool max 1000%
  3. Solve the string chip problem
  4. Improve surface accuracy of workpiece

The principle of speed enhancement

Cutting/ milling process always generates heated steam, which usually isolates the lubricant attachment and then leads poorly to dismiss generated heat by less than 20%. The only solution is to pressurize lubricant to at least 1000 psi (70 bar). That can make a direct contact of lubricant over workpiece surface, optimizing temperature drop. And In this case , the feed rate and cutting/ milling speed can massively improved.

  1. High pressure coolant can compel to blow heat away right on the contact point between end mill and workpiece .
  2. To prevent from string chip entangling tool, the broken chip piece can keep tool from being entangled.
  3. High quality filter can extend usage life of lubricant.
  4. Heat drop can be helpful for cutting speed and feed rate.
  5. Improve surface accuracy of workpiece and reduce cutting mark on surface.
  6. Implementing from CNC machines to automation requires two critical factors. One is tool control software ; the other one is " High Pressure Coolant System".

Test on the same tool over the same workpiece, material (Titanium alloy 6AL 4V)

Comparison with inverted and valve system Inverted System Pressure regulating valve system
Electricity consumption Saving of more than 40% 100 % consumption
Pump usage life Buffer star can protect pump Over jump start can cause abrasion in pump
One program but multiple output nozzle diameter Capable of maintaining constant pressure Incapable of maintaining constant pressure
CNC multiple pressure memories Available with memories of multiple pressure No
Pump overload Protectable No
Insufficient backflow warning Protectable No
Filter change warning Enhancing over triple usage life of filtering consumable High frequency for replacement