Company Profile

CO-JJINN LTD. COMPANY is located in Tainan city, Taiwan. We had made lots investment in INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, MECHANISM,MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL INTEGRATION, METALWORK, COATING about 15 years. Recent years our team specialize in manufacturing high-quality high pressure coolant systems as our MISSION STATEMENT. CO-JJINN LTD. made best effort to design and produce the most technologically advanced and highest value products fit customers’ needs to increase its profits.

CO-JJINN team relentlessly improve our professional skill and incorporated unique know-how from all over the world to our product line, especially auto-controller and exclusive pump. Now there are several types (bar) of systems could be choose by clients’ inquiry, we can ensure that all clients get the optimal results with the least time spent on metal cutting process. This also allows for higher profit margins. CO-JJINN holds many patents and also is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we will keep taking pride in the quality and services as our base to our customers.

In the future, CO-JJINN will still keep enthusiasm trying harder to integrate all resource to upgrade our competition ability of coolant systems, continue make products that increase machine tool efficiency and create longer lasting. We will strive to make our products meet or exceed OEM specifications for quality and performance at lower prices. Going on managing, steadying developing, improving environment, redounding upon society are our goals.