Trandmark Story & Business Concepts

The name of CO-JJINN originates from Arabic fairy tale.。

CO is referring to cooperation, the logo, C in yellow color + O in black , means icon of mankind hand in hand for cooperation.
JJINN is referring to wizard, distinguishing various wizard races , owning the highest ranking angle , born in the light, with capability of manipulating fire, and is the specific wizard race possessing the highest magic. Meanwhile it also possesses Nymph, Sylva, Gold Elves. But those wizards are always controlled and bound to specific magic counterpart , which is very likely the eminent Wizard----Aladdin Lamp Genie. when a group of witchcrafted wizards was unbounded, the magic will overwhemingly help master dominate.

It symbolizes that owning of key technic--- high pressure coolant system. With reinforcement of expertise and know-how , CO-JJINN is able to develop high-end automation technology contributing to customer's wisdom factory & Industry 4.0.